Principal’s welcome


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​It is with a great deal of enthusiasm that the staff and I welcome you to Marsden State School in 2021.  Our school continues to grow and currently has approximately 1170 students in Prep to Year 6 across 49 classes. The school has over 36 ethnic groups represented, with those indicating that English is a second language at 39% of the student population.  The largest and fastest growing groups are from the pacific nations, comprising more than  20% of our students,  11% of our students come from a range of Asian backgrounds.  Approximately 11.5% of our students identify as having an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage.

This school and its community continue to set benchmarks by which others can be measured. In selecting Marsden State School for your children, you have chosen a school noted for its innovation and dedication to providing an education for the 21st century.  We welcome your family to Marsden State Primary School and wish to extend our invitation to you to be an active and informed member of our school community.

The school was opened in 1978 and its success to date can be attributed to the extent that all members of the school community have become involved in the life of the school. We promote involvement by all stakeholders to ensure the particular needs of students are met. Please don’t hesitate to inform your child’s teacher if you are able to assist in the classroom or in other activities. There are many times during the school year when the school benefits from the assistance of interested and enthusiastic volunteers.

The Marsden State School Campus has a focus on supporting the individual needs of the learner via the Inclusion Hub that caters for children who require additional support, as well as a large Primary School that provides a wide range of general and specialist services. Engaging units of study, including Mathematics and English investigations and challenges are features of our curriculum.  The school also has a high level of information and communication technology to engage students in learning and preparing for a networked, global society. 

To this end, every classroom has network and internet access, with the 6 Laptop classes engaged in 1 to 1 learning with laptops owned by the school, but utilised by only one student, through yearly fees paid by parents/carers, having wireless access at school.  These students are also able, under strict guidelines, to take these laptops home to continue their learning.  Families interested in this initiative have their major opportunity to choose to participate at the end of Year 3 when the classes are formed for the following year.  After this only limited vacancies occur!  We also lead the State with the introduction of Interactive Whiteboards and Touch Screens in every classroom since 2006. Both of these projects support the development of interactive learning environments and promote high levels of academic engagement in learning tasks.

Our school has a well established Preparatory Program with the introduction of a twice weekly Playgroup from 2009 onwards, educational and fun activities for parents and their children between the ages of 0 to 4 years are provided. This is a great way for parents to feel comfortable in a school environment and to give their children a great start to their education.

With our large, spacious and attractive grounds, we are the envy of many schools. The grounds are used to good advantage in our many programs designed to improve basic skills and ‘future’ skills in meaningful ‘real’ ways. Since 2011 we have had a large modern performance centre (The Dean Hall) that includes dressing rooms, a full stage and a large range of other facilities, including kitchens, to complement our existing range of modern facilities which include : cafés, kitchen/teaching facilities and a large spacious library that includes  a computer centre equipped for up to 30 students at a time.

Parents are welcome to discuss their children’s progress with class teachers and/or with the Principal/Deputy Principals throughout the year. Please phone or write for a suitable appointment time. If you believe it’s a problem or have a concern, so do we and we will listen! 

I look forward to working with you to ensure your child “Believes and Achieves”.

Kev Leathwaite


Last reviewed 16 March 2022
Last updated 16 March 2022