Principal’s welcome


​​​​​​​​​It is with a great deal of enthusiasm that the staff and I welcome you to Marsden State School in 2023 .  We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent curriculum and have a rigorous learning environment that has at its core being safe, tolerant, respectful and inclusive. Our school continues to grow and currently has approximately over 1,350 students in Prep to Year 6 across 57 classes. The school has over 36 ethnic groups represented. Over 12% of our students identify as having an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage. Our vision To inspire, embrace and empower lifelong learning in all students is central to all that we do.

The school was opened in 1978 and its success to date can be attributed to the extent that all members of the school community have become involved in the life of the school. We are currently staffed with a comprehensive network of teacher aides, specialist support teachers, a full time Guidance Office and two part-time Speech Language Pathologists enabling our teachers to provide a differentiated curriculum supporting the individual needs of each of our students. We promote involvement by all stakeholders to ensure the individual needs of students are met. Through consultation with parents, carers and students, we provide tailored supports and reasonable adjustments to support our students.

Our school enrolment is supported through an Enrolment Management Plan, please visit the enrolment section of our site for more information.

Marsden State School implements the Australian Curriculum ensuring all students access the required learning areas across Prep to Year 6. Our focus in 2023 is to improve English outcomes through engagement and access. Our school has developed comprehensive process to provide academic and non-academic support to address individual student's needs. Our classroom teachers deliver English, Maths, Science (Yr. 4-6), Humanities and Social Sciences and The Arts. We have specialist teachers that deliver Health, Physical Education, Chinese, Music and STEM and Science for P-3.

We utilise technology to support access and engagement across learning areas. All classrooms have access to incorporate the use iPads, laptops and our computer lab to enhance learning outcomes.

We believe in developing all aspects of our students and provide a range of programs and activities before school, during school and after school. These include, Breakfast club, Enrichment and extension, Sport Gala Days, Choir, Sporting Excellence and Instrumental music, Garden club, Recycle heroes, Computer lab access, Games room, Better buddies, Glee club, Cultural groups, Homework club, Active afterschool sports and STEM programs.

At Marsden State School, we are lucky to have an onsite Community Hub to support collaboration and engagement with all members of the community. The Community Hub is designed to deliver a range of education and training courses, health services and language support for vulnerable families. On Monday and Wednesday, the Community Hub delivers a playgroup for 0-5-year old's, where friendships, learning, sharing and growing together are important milestones to celebrate. We believe that successful transitions to school are derived from respectful and trusting partnerships between the children, parents and educators. Through these partnerships we can create a sense of belonging and set the foundation for future schooling success.

We support the engagement and collaboration of parents and carers. Parents and carers are welcome to discuss their children's progress with class teachers in the first instance throughout the year. Please phone, email or write for a suitable appointment time. If you have a concern please contact the classroom teacher so we can resolve the issue. Don't hesitate to inform your child's teacher if you are able to assist in the classroom or in other activities. There are many times during the school year when the school benefits from the assistance of interested and enthusiastic volunteers.

 Our team looks forward to welcoming you to Marsden State School.​

Kev Leathwaite


Last reviewed 02 May 2023
Last updated 02 May 2023